Social Media Marketing Internship

Social Media Marketing Internship

Responsible for managing day-to-day maintenance of Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages under the direction of the Marketing Director. Responsible for helping to develop and execute a social media strategy to incorporate company initiatives, events and other communication strategies. Will assist with building and maintaining online dialogue. Work with appropriate internal and external business partners to address client questions and to start new conversations and information sharing/data collection through social media.


• In depth knowledge of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.
• Assist with extracting and analyzing conversations that are taking place online through social media monitoring and engagement systems.
• Responsible for executing the day-to-day maintenance of a Facebook page and other social media outlets under the direction of the Marketing Director.
• Assist in the development and execution of social media strategy.
• Maintain day-to-day communication on behalf of the company in approved social media channels.
• Will work with internal and external partners to develop and execute company initiatives through these channels.
• Will maintain the day-to-day conversations with clients/fans and seek guidance from appropriate internal and external partners to acquire appropriate brand responses.


• College student seeking degree in Sport Administration, Communications, Advertising or Marketing preferred.
• 1+ years in office environment.
• Marketing experience preferred.
• Advanced computer skills with extensive knowledge of Facebook and other social media technologies.
• Advanced communication skills both verbal and written
• Advanced organizational skills and customer service skills
• Proven collaboration skills
• Detail oriented
• Ability to work independently
McLean Reiter
Manager of Business Development & Communications
T: (206)432-9436
F: (206)432-9348<>;>


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