Fall Internship

Fall Internship offered to students:

I have my Master’s Degree in broadcast journalism from UCLA (long time ago—the program no longer exists) and have been a professional writer and marketing communications professional for many years. In addition to my “real ”work (clients include UW Foster School of Business, Microsoft),  I am the Seattle Restaurant Editor for gayot.com (a nationally recognized lifestyle Website) and in the process of finishing an iPhone App about Favorite Seattle Restaurants for Sutro Media.

In the fall, I will need some assistance including:  updating listings, researching  for news & events, digital photograph, some writing. Since this is more of a “hobby,”  I can’t pay but can offer a learning experience and the opportunity to accompany me on restaurant reviews .   I have mentored interns in the past and do not want to take advantage of anyone but provide a good experience with some meaningful work.   I   prefer  an arrangement where  someone can earn credit  and get some experience to put on a resume (my 19 year old twins are both away at college so I understand this). And, of course, I’m more likely to find someone who is serious and committed as opposed to going through Craigslist.
Best regards,
Deborah Ashin
Ashin Communications


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