Internships with Santa Julia Advisory Council


I am the US Director of the Santa Julia Advisory Council, a volunteer organization that seeks to sustain the most precious kids in the world at Casa Hogar Santa Julia, a home for 40 abandoned girls in an historic gem of a community called by Travel and Leisure the fourth best place to live in the world!  As a retired (I’m 57) public relations professional, I have had am amazing amount of good fortune helping the five Dominican Catholic Madres who run this home bring the girls out from beneath the poverty level and into health, happiness, and hope over the past five years.  Now it’s time to sustain them, the more challenging part of the work in this economic time.

Master’s level interns from Indiana University have helped us build an annual sustainability plan.  University of Texas interns have helps us build a capital improvement plan.  Dedicated volunteers have architected a great support organization, but its 200 positions are far from filled. Because I’ve had tremendous success with interns for 20 years, and because this is a Catholic organization, I am eager to know if any of your students might be interested in interning with us.

We need interns from the following general disciplines.  While Spanish is not essential, it is highly beneficial to enjoying the culture here.  We can supervise interns here or virtually.

General Studies
International Studies
Liberal Arts
New College
Public Relations
Service Learning
Social Sciences
Study Abroad

This is an easy community to live in.  It’s small, safe, filled with culture and helpful people, beautiful, and mild.  This certainly is not a paid opportunity, but we have had a great deal of success finding very nice, free lodging for our interns and key volunteers.   Here are a couple of links that might help you know San Miguel and Santa Julia better:<><>.

We seek self starters, people of vision, team players, people who want to make a difference, people who want portfolio and connections for their future careers.  Our mission, basically, is to help these girls break the cycles of ignorance, poverty, and abuse from which they have come in order to become whole, happy, productive citizens of the world, and we would like nothing better than to have Catholic college students on campus to model that it’s possible to go to college.  The girls are career oriented, saying not that they want to be cooks, but that they want to be CHEFs, for instance, but they need to see the linkages.

We can use folks year ’round for long or short-term projects.

Thank you for considering this opportunity for your students to gain international experience in a great place for a great cause.  I’ll look forward to continuing the conversation with you at your convenience.


Robin Loving Rowland
US Director
Santa Julia Advisory Council
Casa Hogar Santa Julia:  Where Love Grows Miracles!
925-476-8117 – US


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