Media/Public Relations Assistant

Job Title:
Media/Public Communications Assistant
Hourly Wage:
Job Description:
Media/Public Relations Assistant works in support of the Executive Director and Executive Office staff.  Assistant will assist in developing press releases and public service announcements in support of a variety of programs, projects and initiatives of El Centro de la Raza.

This position will write/produce Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) for a variety of cultural events and fund development projects including but not limited to; Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, Spanish Classes, Tamale/Cooking Classes, Christmas Tree Sales, as well as announcing a variety of programs and services available at El Centro de la Raza.  The Media/Public communications assistant will also write and distribute Press Releases to inform media about a variety of events, statements and issues affecting El Centro and the Latino community. This position will also assist in developing and updating media lists, community calendar and announcement lists, social media lists and other necessary lists necessary to maintain broad and effective external communication.  Also work with volunteers to post announcements, fliers, and posters in local predetermined areas.

Educational Benefits to be derived by students in this job:
The Media and Public Relations Assistant will gain hands on experience in a multi faceted executive office setting assisting to communicate on behalf of the organization on a variety of projects and issues.  Multi-cultural immersion, experience with a well-established nonprofit serving Seattle’s Latino and People of Color communities, chance to learn about non-profit management and programs in the context of media and public communication.
Benefit to be derived by the community as a result of this job;
The position will help enhance the external communications of the organization and will help support and promote the organization with consistent, high quality communiqués to media, community groups, organizations and periodicals.
Minimum qualifications:
Journalism or Communications related major preferred.  Excellent writing skills as well as good verbal communication skills.  Strong attention to detail.  Strong interpersonal and organizational skills and good people skills and teamwork capabilities.  Willing to be flexible.  Spanish speaking encouraged but not required.

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