Jolkona Internship Marketing & Graphic Design

Position Title:  Marketing & Graphic Design Intern     

Status:   Internship

Location:  Jolkona World Headquarters

Seattle, WA             

Reports to:   Laura Kimball

Length:  Starts June 1st- End of August

Compensation:  Unpaid, Credit offered

Apply to:

About Jolkona:

We are Jolkona, a nonprofit tech startup based in Seattle, WA. We offer a solution to people who want to see exactly where their donation dollars go by connecting them with global philanthropic projects via our network of partners (for as little as $5!). Every donation made on Jolkona goes straight to the project chosen, and every donor receives one-to-one level proof of feedback – whether it’s a photo, a story, or a video – allowing each donor to see the exact impact that they have made. Our mission is to create a ripple effect of change and show the world that everyone can change the world today.

Jolkona is powered by two fulltime employees and 20+ skilled volunteers and interns. We are young, passionate, and out to change the face of philanthropy.

Mission: To connect people with global philanthropic opportunities and show the impact of one’s donations.

Position Summary:

Would you like to jump head first into an online and print marketing campaign that allows you to creatively build a marketing plan from the ground up? Jolkona is seeking a marketing & design intern to help design print and online collateral for Jolkona’s brand, campaigns, and various events and activities. 

Essential Functions:

·     Work with Communications team to execute on Jolkona’s various design needs. 

·     Some examples of projects include: designing Jolkona twitter background, handouts, and

marketing materials.

·     Drive production and design of Jolkona Press/Media Kit

Ideal Experience & Qualifications:

·     Project management

·     Design skills – use of adobe illustrator, Photoshop, & Powerpoint

·     Marketing background- creative ideas to bring to the table to improve marketing Jolkona

Time Commitment: 

Must be able to attend all company wide meetings (usually one per month).

Desired: 3 days/week for 4 hours each


·     Exposure to the nonprofit world

·     Letter of recommendation upon successful completion of tasks

·     Referrals on LinkedIn

·     Ability to build on your portfolio

·     Credit offered at most Universities (please ask for specific credit questions)

·     Experience working in a growing and fast paced  micro-giving environment

If you are interested in applying for this position please send the following to:

·     Resume

·     Cover letter with one professional reference


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