The Spectator is hiring!

Here we go!

The Spectator is recruiting for the 2011-2012 academic year! Get paid and get published working with your peers as part of one of the largest student organizations on campus. We have job openings that could help build the resume of any student in the communication department looking to practice their skills in critical writing, strategic communications, reporting and more. Build your portfolios as a staff writer or editor; develop business relationships with ad clients as an ad sales manager or ad sales representative;  assist the editors in copy editing and putting the paper out once a week as an editorial assistant; follow Google trends and write short articles as a blogger. The Spectator employs 30 or more students annually and partners with other student organizations for special events. If you’re looking for a way to get involved on campus while getting paid, getting valuable work experience and using the skills you’ve learned in the classroom, I invite you to apply.

See the complete listings and application requirements at Email Frances Dinger at with any questions.

frances dinger
editor-in-chief, the spectator
seattle ’12, strategic communications
c: 509.590.8111


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