Professional Writing Opportunity @KRKO-Take The “180 Challenge!”

Want to Write Professionally?
Do you read a lot? Books, I mean. Not newspapers and websites and magazines. Can you name at least 10 books you’ve read in the past 6 months? If you’ve “always wanted to be a writer,” DO NOT respond to this ad. You’re not a writer. Writers write. They write because they have to. Real writers have a closet full of poems and short stories and essays that few people have ever seen. We’re looking for a real writer, someone who inhales nouns and exhales verbs. Can you write short and tight? Can you bang a point home with authority? We don’t have job openings very often at KRKO because we choose our people very carefully and they LOVE working here. Are you happy? Do you really, truly enjoy helping other people? Are you non-combative and fun to be around? Do people generally like you? We’re looking for an ad writer. Now Hear This And Hear It Well: Clarity is the new creativity. Can you say things clearly? Tell us why you’re the person we need. Send us 3 separate, self-contained messages of exactly 180 words each. We want you to write scripts for a trio of 180-word ads that sell us on you.
Ad 1: Tell us who you are.  
Ad 2: Tell us what you’ve done.
Ad 3. Make us want to meet you.
Email your 3 x 180 to  If you can swing the hammer, we’ll contact you within a few days. Don’t ask questions. Don’t call us. Just write ads about yourself that make us want to meet you.


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