Randomville Seeks Interns! Wow…this sounds like a great place!

 Randomville is a national, pop culture webzine that has been around for over seven years. We have writers and editors all over the country and draw readership from all over the U.S. and beyond. Through mostly word of mouth, we have grown to become an established and credible indie online webzine, with an ever-growing unique visitor count each month. We are routinely invited to some of the biggest festivals in the country and in

2009 we were named  #7 on the Top 20 Music Blog Websites by

ClicketTicket.com: http://randomville.com/wordpress/?p=4875

 Below is a list of duties that we are looking for in an intern.

 –     Article editing

  –    Update our Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Messageboards accounts each time we have a new story, song, video, news, etc.

   –  Seek out more friends on these sites.

    –  Send out press releases

    –  Seek and discover more community interaction sites like messageboards, etc. This includes posting our articles on messageboards or fan clubs of subjects we have mentioned.

    –  Seek and contact bands, festivals, corporations, record labels, events, businesses to advertise with us.

    –  Post Craigslist ads all over the world looking for writers/editors.

    –  Answer applicants with a screening process, info, etc.

   –  Post new songs/albums for review, and then be the relay between the publicist and our writer.

    –  Update music/video players, quotes with their own info or anything we send to them.

    –  Submit Quick Shot stories that are interesting tidbits in-between our regular articles (ex. Famous birthdays, concert tour updates, interesting videos, a new website people need to know about, etc.)

  –  Add Amazon affiliate products to articles

  –  Repair broken articles that have coding issues from a server change over.

    –  Do research on possible advertising or article avenues for our website.

 With us, a student can expect to gain experience in work with WordPress (our website application), Open X (our banner ad application), SMF (our messageboard application), HTML and coding. Knowledge of story editing, writing, and creative thinking will be learned and a student will be introduced to the world of PR/ Marketing and Advertising with us as well.

 If a student feels like only certain aspects of this job would be appealing or a best suit for them, then we will work with the student to make this partnership happen. Where the student lives is not important, however daily access to an email account is required.

 For more information, contact:

Mackenzie McAninch, Owner




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