Amazing CHirp Internship Opportunity!

  1. A.      CHiRP (Citizens Helping in Reducing Poverty) Force Intern Description:

The CHiRP Force intern will act as a regional broadcaster on social media platforms for Oikocredit USA. Interns will work remotely as part of a national team of 10 interns reporting to the Social Media Team Leader (SMarT Leader) located in Washington, DC. CHiRP Force interns will gain valuable exposure to the world of investing in microfinance. Intern duties include:

  • interacting on social media to generate awareness of the strategic areas in which we inves
  • attending/assisting with local events in your area; blogging on topics such as fair trade, women’s empowerment, microloans, economic development, cooperatives, and environmental sustainability
  • Creating media for specific regional needs/events (such as editing own video files or podcasts)
  • Researching and compiling information about Oikocredit partners, Statistics, Regional News, Industry News, Ways to Invest, Local Events, Photos, Videos, Client Stories, etc. to be used in social media
  • Reporting to the Social Media Team Leader located in Washington, DC on all assignments and working in collaboration with other CHiRP interns.

Time Commitment/Compensation:

CHiRP interns are expected to spend an average of 10 hours/week depending on scheduling of assignments with the SMarT Leader.  The hours may be distributed over a period of two days (either two weekdays, or one weekday and one day on the weekend). The position is volunteer and therefore, unpaid, although university credit can be arranged. The minimum time commitment for each intern is 3 months (due to training requirements and consistency). 

An incentive to intern for a longer amount of time is that the subsequent SMarT Leader may be chosen from the pool of current CHiRP interns who have been committed to their position with OikocreditUSA for 3+ months. This CHiRP intern will be invited to Washington, DC to complete a summer internship with Oikocredit USA, providing them the opportunity to interact with other microfinance professionals and organizations such as Mftransparency, Women Advancing Microfinance (W.A.M.), and Grameen Foundation.

To apply, please send a resume as well as a written response to the following prompt:  Write a short (800 word) conversational piece on one of the following topics:


Rural Development

Impact Investing

Fair Trade

Women’s Empowerment

Contact: Alyssa Hansen, Communications Assistant (

Accepting applications until January 13, 2012

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