Hi all,

The PRSSA is looking for potential executive board members for the 2012-2013 school year!

I highly encourage each of you to apply. I joined the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) last Spring, was elected to the executive board for this year, and have already gained so much experience in leadership, public relations, event planning, social marketing and more—all of which look great on a resume!


Many of the current executive board members graduate this year and now is the time to learn more about each. Attached is the list of all exec board positions (below this email), with the duties required and contact information of the current members. Please take the time to look over this list and apply for one (or more!) positions that seem interesting to you.


We are holding elections early so each of you has the opportunity to learn and understand your future duties, and shadow the current exec board member during the spring quarter. This will help prepare you all for next year!


In order to be considered for positions, elections will be held over email. You can apply and be considered for as many positions as you wish. Please send me (Samantha Eisen: an email with the following information:

•             Name

•             Year

•             Major/Minor

•             Positions of interest

•             For each position of interest, please provide a short paragraph regarding why you feel this position is well suited for you.


Elections are open until Wednesday, March 21st at 6pm. Please make sure to email me with all of the appropriate information by this time in order to be considered for the executive board.


Please let me know if you have any questions and good luck with the rest of the quarter!





PRSSA Executive Board Duties/Positions 2012-2013 President & Co-President

•             Lead/organize monthly E Board meetings

•             Oversee all agency tours

•             Manage all other positions

•             Communicate with all other staff included in clubs/activities

•             2011-2012: Emily Nauseda (


Vice President

•             Assists in all Presidential duties

•             Communicates to members via the ListServ, Facebook group, and Twitter

•             Manages the Facebook and Twitter accounts

•             Manages all campus communications i.e. flyers and booking rooms for events

•             2011-2012: Dominique L’Eplattenier (



•             Manages the addition and removal of students from the ListServ

•             Takes meeting minutes and keeps track of projects

•             Manages spreadsheets of current members, paid members, and graduates

•             Assists VP in communications with students via the ListServ, Facebook group, and Twitter

•             2011-2012: Kate Hudson (



•             Manages financial accounts

•             Manages T-shirt orders and other cash orders

•             Must attend a treasurer training program at the beginning of the year

•             Manages club philanthropy

•             2011-2012: Suzi An (


Events Director

•             Books rooms for all events and assists VP in event marketing

•             Manages the flow of events

•             Books vans for tours and handles logistics

•             Handles end of the year event

•             2011-2012: Samantha Eisen (


Recruitment Director

•             Attends events and visits classrooms to inform people of PRSSA

•             Handles specific communication to lowerclassmen through club fairs/other outreach

•             Assists President in collecting club dues for paid members

•             Maintains a strong PRSSA presence on campus/within the Comm. Department

•             2011-2012: Samantha Eisen (


Internship Director

•             Manages database of internships students have done with contact info

•             Sends monthly emails about internship opportunities

•             Advocates for all PRSSA members through communications with PR/Ad/Marketing firms

•             Gathers info on internships and helps students get them

•             2011-2012: Sarah Boisen (


ALL Members:

•             Actively participate as advocates of PRSSA/professional development to students

•             Assist in club marketing in the beginning of the year

•             Take roles for individual projects throughout the year

•             Must attend monthly E Board meetings as well as other PRSSA meetings

•             Pay dues of $50 (Official PRSSA membership dues)

•             Have the opportunity to develop programs of interest to them


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