Part Time Copy Writing-PAID!!!

I work for Serevi<>, a sports start-up focused on growing the game of rugby in North America. Rugby 7s has now been named to the official summer Olympic slate. NBC has signed on to televise rugby. The sport is now the fastest-growing team sport in North America. The timing is right for a new business in this space. We have 12 people here in Seattle and three in San Diego. We offer on field programming through the youth to elite spectrum. We have also designed and manufactured a line of casual and performance rugby apparel.

 The growth of our business has us us scrambling to add resources quickly enough to capitalize on the opportunities before us. To date, I have written all of our web copy, press releases, flier copy, newsletters and investor updates myself. As day-to-day boss, however, my broader responsibilities have eroded the time I have to write all of this copy in a timely manner.

 With that short introduction in hand. That said, I’m looking for highly capable AND available. Obviously, capable candidates with an interest in sports would go to the front of the line.


Chief Operating Officer & Director of Communications SEREVI<>



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