Local Non-Profit Seeks Intern

A local, progressive non profit is looking for a videographer to shoot a small information video about their organization and impacts. They are primarily working with voter registration, particularly in underrepresented communities (people of color, youth, and homelessness), and their work is astounding. The filmer would have the chance to film these communities and their civic engagement as well as filming interviews with employees and clients. Some video editing skills would be required as well.


This opportunity is unpaid but hte video would be shown at the national convention, the first place and two finalist videos will receive a cash prize, and, if they win first place, they would get to attend the national convention as well. All of this in addition to a great resume building opportunity and references.


The deadline is November 5th, and would be about 20-30 hours of work total.

 Please Contact me for further information.

 Sophia Sanders

 Seattle University Debate | Coach

BA in Humanities for Teaching ’11 | Matteo Ricci College International Economic Development Intern

Cell: 503-332-8151 |  Email: SandersS@Seattleu.edu



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