Marketing Internships @ Seattle Weekly!

Seattle Weekly is looking for highly enthusiastic, creative and hard-working college students to join our Marketing team! Duties and learning depend on an intern’s aptitude, experience, and initiative. Juniors/Seniors and those with prior office experience are preferred. We are seeking interns for Fall 2012.


  1. Preparing for, attending and managing on-site events
  2. Engaging with the community through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  3. Maintaining website and subscriber database and proposing ideas on how to increase subscriptions.
  4. Managing online promotional contests.


  1. Be self-motivated, creative and have good communications skills
  2. Be organized, reliable and have excellent time management skills
  3. Have an outgoing, friendly and helpful attitude toward SW readers, clients and staff

Hours range from 10-20 per week in office plus 4-8 onsite events (includes evenings and weekends) depending on a student’s situation and credit requirements. Internships are for college credit ONLY and are unpaid. Interns must provide for their own living arrangements and transportation. Intern must be able to lift 40 lbs.

State law prohibits us from engaging non-students as unpaid interns, and all interns must be receiving school credit for their work at Seattle Weekly. Interns are expected to abide by any and all policies and standards that govern paid employees of Seattle Weekly and Village Voice Media.

Interns will be chosen based on their experience, potential, enthusiasm, and, in many cases, familiarity with Seattle and/or the Northwest.

How to apply

A letter explaining why the student is interested in a Seattle Weekly internship and what she/he hopes to learn.

A resume listing areas of study and accomplishments, and work experience. Any other information that completes our picture of the applicant’s potential.


Please send resumes may be sent to:

Chesi A. Madej – Marketing Projects Manager







Best regards,


Chesi A. Madej

Marketing Projects Manager


Office: 206.467.4367


We’ve moved! 

307 Third Avenue South

2nd Floor

Seattle, WA 98104



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