Seattle Startup Looking for Journalism Interns

We are looking for a journalism intern to help us with our article creation. We have had interns from PLU, Seattle U, and UW. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Giuliani is an Adjunct Professor of Sport Performance at UW. I’m a Seattle U alumnus and have worked with Dr. Paul for our previous communications interns.

Here’s the job description:

Journalism Internship

  • Cover stories about Volt Athletics (i.e., Advisory Board members, Volt Family Members)
  • Writing featured articles for a weekly newsletter that reaches 30,000 people and the Volt Athletics blog
  • Ghostwriting for selected individuals for a weekly newsletter and Volt Athletics blog
  • Assisting in the process and editing of press releases, other contributor’s articles, and additional copy editing
  • Requirements:
  • Strong command of the English language
  • Highly developed writing skills Volt Athletics (‘Volt’) provides athletes everywhere with unprecedented access to world-class strength and conditioning. Through cloud-based technology, Volt brings the expertise of professional strength coaches to sports teams around the world, giving coaches and athletes the structure and resources needed to train at an elite level, affordably. Volt Athletics was founded by Dan Giuliani and Trevor Watkins in April 2011 and launched to the public in 2013.If you have any students that would be interesting please, let me know. You can have them email directly or contact me through you – whatever you prefer. It could start next quarter or mid-way through this quarter, depending on the student’s preference. Let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. All the best,  Doug | 925.323.4078
  • | @voltathletics
  • Communications Manager | Volt Athletics
  • Doug
  • About Volt Athletics
  • We would like to see a writing sample from each applicant.

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