Media Intern Position

Media Intern Position

The Seattle Ladies Choir is looking for our first ever part-time media intern. This is an unpaid internship position with a maximum of 8 hours commitment per week. If you are a college student, academic credits may be available. (Posted 8/1/15)

ASAP to 1/31/2016

Full Description:
The Seattle Ladies Choir is looking for an intern to help with expanding our media/press presence for our upcoming 10th Season. We need help with reaching out to various local advertising, media, press opportunities to promote our concerts and brand.

1. Time Commitment: 8 hours per week. Season 10 starts August 12, 2015 and runs through our concerts on January 15-16, 2016 and for 2 weeks following the concerts.
2. Knowledge of local press/media market and ability/willingness to create/expand the network of press/media contacts for the SLC.
3. Good communication and writing skills; strong organizational skills; broad working knowledge of various pertinent design/advertising software tools and social media marketing (ie, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MailChimp, Facebook, etc).
4. Ability to work with the SLC leadership to understand the SLC brand and marketing needs.
5. Ability to work with the local press/media and represent SLC professionally.
6. Experience in and/or strong interest in working with choirs or performing arts non-profit groups; must have the ability to work within limited budget resources.

Bonus Skills/Abilities:
Graphic design and graphic arts skills; interest and capability to assist with creation of promotional posters/flyers/images.

How To Apply:
Email your resume or CV to Please include a cover letter to describe why you’re interested in this SLC internship, the skills you can bring to this position, and your history of working with and/or reason for wanting to work with choirs/non-profit performance groups. We will be reviewing all applications received until the position is filled.


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