Marketing genius needed

Can you sell ice to polar bears? Do your Instagram posts get thousands of hearts? Are you more retweeted than a mirrored room full of songbirds?

America’s only Norwegian newspaper needs a voice. What good is publishing a kickass newspaper if no one knows about it?

This internship is available onsite at the Norwegian American Weekly’s Greenlake-area office (some telecommuting is okay, but some face time is also needed). Your primary duty is to get eyeballs on us and grow our community. You’ll be the voice of our mascot, a 125-year-old “nisse” looking for his lost family, and you’ll also be responsible for developing social media and traditional advertising strategies.

While learning the inner workings of a small weekly print and online publication, you’ll also have the opportunity to contribute articles that will be read nationally and internationally, and help steer the direction of this 127-year old newspaper.

The ideal candidate has a deep love and knowledge of social media (duh), and impeccable written communication skills. Journalism and/or creative writing majors or minors are ideal, and an interest in Norway and travel, sports, or persuasive writing will make the occasional writing assignment a joy. Priority consideration will be given to candidates with Norwegian language fluency and/or proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, but these are not required. Seriously. They’d be icing on the cake.

10-15 hours/week, primarily on Tuesday and Thursdays. Training will be on other days. $15/hour. We would love to see this become a permanent part-time position, if the fit is right.


Primary duties:

  • Take charge of our social media presence, including managing our mascot’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Bring energy to our marketing!
  • Write articles for the Travel, Sports, or Opinion pages of the newspaper.
  • Work with subscriptions and handle office work as necessary, including answering phones.


How to apply

Send your resume, cover letter, and a brief writing sample including journalism and a few sample tweets from Nils Anders Wik to Please first familiarize yourself with what we do by looking over, visiting our Facebook page, and checking in on Nils Anders Wik’s twitter @NAWnisse. His origin story is at

Don’t hesitate to apply; we’d love to start someone right away! Open until filled.



Emily C. Skaftun 206-784-4617


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