Department Manager/Marketing Specialist

We are looking to fill the new role of Department Manager/Marketing Specialist for the Ocean Department at Expeditors’ corporate headquarters in downtown Seattle.  Our department is the control tower for all ocean shipping activities throughout our worldwide network of 180+ offices located on all continents (except Antarctica, but we do ship freight there).  We have a need for someone who can help organize and manage the day-to-day office environment for about 20 people, including two very busy senior executives, and actively own, develop and manage the marketing and presentation materials we use for internal and external purposes.  I would predict this job would be 40% office manager, 60% mar-com specialist.  In time it could expand and the mar-com part could become a full-time role, especially for the right person.

 Here is a link to information from our website about working here:

We offer competitive pay, good health benefits, fully paid bus pass and a professional work environment located in downtown Seattle.

People who are interested can email me their resume or contact me with questions about the role.

John Ward

Manager, Systems Development

Global Ocean Services

Direct     206-393-5863

Main       206-674-3400





Global Headquarters, Seattle

1015 3rd Avenue, 12th Floor

Seattle, WA 98104



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