Campaign Coordinator Internship

Internship Title:

Campaign Coordinator

About Environment Washington:

Environment Washington is a nonprofit, environmental advocacy group. We leverage our signature grassroots activism to change policy. Currently, we are working on a campaign to keep uranium mining out of the Grand Canyon. Right now, there is an active uranium mine just 6 miles from the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. This could lead to the radioactive contamination of water, soil, and people! Thus, we are urging President Obama to make 1.7 million acres around the Grand Canyon a national monument, permanently protecting one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Internship description and qualifications:

Environment Washington interns receive a truly hands on experience (no fetching coffee here!), imparting them with key responsibilities critical to winning our campaigns.

Interns will be expected to:

  • Write and submit informational articles in local media markets
  • Communicate directly with local reporters
  • Engage with local businesses and community leaders
  • Educate and mobilize peers
  • Recruit and train volunteers

We provide robust training for any task we ask our interns to perform, as well as consistent guidance and feedback.

Communications, writing, and public speaking skills preferred.

How to apply:

To apply, please send resume to In email, please include what issues you are passionate about, and why you care about them.



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