This site is for Seattle University Students in the Communication Department interested in internships.  Internships are a great way to gain professional experience, meet new people, expand your network, and learn more about what industry you want to work in.  Internships can be completed for credit and sometimes for pay. Get more information on the rules regarding internships for credit here: http://wp.me/PQBOw-o

If you don’t find the type of internship you are looking for try to search through the archives or use the search box function. Sometimes internships that were posted in the past are still available yet simply have not been re-posted.

If you have completed one of the internships you see posted please leave a comment to tell other students about your experience, if you are open to giving advice about how you got that internship please also leave contact information.

If you have question about internships and how they may fit into your schedule or further your professional goals please contact you respective internship advisor:

Strategic Communications
Barry Mitzman  mitzmanb@seattleu.edu

Communication Studies
Chris Paul  paulc@seattleu.edu

Tomas Gullien  tomasg@seattleu.edu

 * If you are an employer and wish to post an internship on this blog please email Verna McKinnon-Hipps at mckinnov@seattleu.edu